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Hunger Games- book and film review

There are a lot of books, movies and music that I like, but I can't say that there is a movie, a book or a song that I consider to be my favorite. For me, the title "favorite" is relative, because I may want to see, read or hear something at one time and something else at another time. This also changes with age. I can love a song now and 20 years from now I hate it and think "how did I like it?”. All this to say that what I am going to talk about in my work is not necessarily my favorite, but it was good enough for me to have put it here.
I'm going to talk about a book, or rather, a trilogy of books, which even became films. I'm talking about "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. In short, the main character, Katniss Everdeen, and another boy, Peeta Mellark, are drawn to participate in the "Hunger Games", a competition organized by the Capitol, a dictatorial government, which dominated 12 districts and requires that, annually, each district grants two young people to participate in this competition where only 1 can survive. Both survive (which is against the rules), get in trouble, the districts fight against the Capitol ... A lot happens. I advise the teacher to read if you haven't read it, or to watch the films, which are also good.

Below are some reviews I found interesting:

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By: João Rocha, no 11, class 6, 9th gradeBy: João Rocha, no 11, class 6, 9th grade
EB D. António da Costa
Profª Cristina Oliveira

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