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Review of Minecraft’s soundtrack

Although people usually think videogame music is bad just because it’s from a videogame, if you listened to some of the songs from this soundtrack without any context, you’d probably never think it was from one.
It lacks the usual energetic melody and rhythm most videogame music has, and seems to have been made more to create ambiance and relax the listener than anything else.
This soundtrack has little to no percussion but a lot of piano, most of it sounding either calm and somewhat sad, or calm and somewhat tense at the same time, while also having some upbeat tracks.
It’s the kind of music you can feel like listening to no matter how you are emotionally, or even look out the window while listening to it and think it fits the view most of the time, and personally, I find that amazing.

It was composed by Daniel Rosenfeld (better known as C418), who made a name for himself because of it, due to how popular and beloved the soundtrack became.
Overall, I think this “album” is incredible and has something for every taste, even if you don’t like videogames, making it even better.

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By: Romeu Talina Antunes, no 20, Class 4, 9th grade
EB D. António da Costa
Profª Cristina Oliveira

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